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Customer service personnel shall provide the on-site service record and written after-sales service report confirmed by the customer, summarize the service process, analyze the cause of failure, and propose improvement Suggestions.

Service concept: adhering to always provide customers with safety, credibility, punctuality, high quality, highly competitive technology and flexible innovation service concept.

Set up and the good relationship between customers, customers in addition to pay attention to the product will also pay attention to the enterprise culture, the concept of enterprise, enterprise services, establish a good relationship with the customers is the basic guarantee for the enterprise marketing success, set up with the concept of consumers as the center, all embark from the consumer, and the idea through to the whole process of enterprise production and operation. Set up wholeheartedly for the consumer service business purpose, truly realize that the protection of consumer interests is to protect their own interests.

Service with practical work: we should not only advocate and display the professional style of "customer first, service with heart", but also perfectly interpret the humanistic service spirit of "customer first" with practical work. Under the premise of adhering to the tenet of "satisfactory service is above all else", the service should develop personalized service to meet the needs of reality according to the changing environment.

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